Our Vision


Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to serve God and God's people by seeing Christ in others and being Christ for others. Strengthened by our personal relationship with Christ, we strive to share our strong Catholic faith tradition with our children, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who do not yet know Him.




Our vision is for Christ the King Parish to become a shining example of Catholic faith and leadership within our community brought to life through the following actions:

Welcoming, healing and accepting

a. There will be a warm, welcoming atmosphere when people enter our church and our faith community.

b. We will be inviting and accepting of all who wish to share our faith.

c. We will strive to heal relationships with past and present parishioners.

d. We will promote unity and fellowship within the parish and in the greater faith community.

e. Parishioners will move forward learning from the past and looking to the future: forgive and forget.

Faith formation

a. Christ Renews His Parish, Why Catholic and other adult formation programs will be hosted at least twice per year to grow the faith and friendship within our parish.

b. This faith community, in acknowledging parents as the primary religious educators, will provide the support and tools to encourage them to play an active role in the spiritual formation of their children.

c. Our youth will experience a thriving, rejuvenated religious education program and masses that engage them.

d. A unifying ministry / project(s) will be undertaken by the parish involving a large and diverse segment of our Christian faith community.


a. Our Parish will develop a strong relationship with our priest bonding with him

as a friend and pastor.

b. The Pastor, Staff and Parish Council's agenda will be to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit fulfilling God's will in our community.

c. In consensus, the Parish Council, Staff and Pastor will manage the parish and its fiscal responsibilities.

Transparent Communications

a. Open communications will be provided by sharing results, decisions and events that come about through Parish leadership and commission meetings.

b. We will seek frequent input from parishioners on their thoughts and ideas.

Financial support

a. Parish finances will be managed through frugal spending and transparency of the budget and spending.

b. A weekly giving target will be posted and achieved. {Of the Operating Budget plus 5% (for capital improvements and "rainy days")}.

c. There will be an increase in the number of "giving families" who contribute on a regular basis.

d. CPC will be incorporated into the Operating Budget and funded through increased weekly giving. (a + b + c = No CPC).