Elementary Grades


Helpful Forms! 

2017-2018 Released Time Religious Education Registration Form

Elementary School Faith Formation

Children in Preschool through Grade 4 are invited to take part in our released time program from Ferdinand Elementary School.  Classes are held on Wednesdays. Sessions include prayer, Bible stories, crafts, discussions, activities and more.

To register your child for this program contact us at stferd@psci.net 

If your child does not attend Ferdinand Elementary, contact Debbie at daschmitt@evdio.org
  Together we can find the faith formation setting that will work best for you and your child.

  Catechists by Grade Level

  Grade One
  Dan Bettag
  Linda Weyer
  Kathy Hoppenjans

  Grade Two
  Kateri Buechler
  Dolores Lueken

  Amanda Hassfurther

  Grade Three
  Kateri Buechler
  Linda Weyer
  Erika Meunier  

  Grade Four
  Mary Snively                                     
Amanda Hassfurther                           Ashley Becher                                             Sr Corda Trouy, OSB